The Warm Springs Indian Tribe

The Warm Springs Indian Tribe

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Many generations before the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, the Wasco and Warm Springs (Walla Walla) tribes resided beside the Columbia River and Cascade Mountains. In addition, they did not fish as extensively.With the onset of the 19th century, the traditional lifeways of the aboriginal bands in Oregon were disrupted by a trickle, then a flood of non-native outsiders from the east. The newcomers were aggressively hungry for land and bloody conflict erupted with the Indians who put up resistance.To salvage their way of life, the Warm Springs and Wasco tribes inked a treaty with the United States in 1855. In exchange, 640,000 acres were reserved for the tribes' sole use. The parcel was dubbed the Warm Springs Reservation.Aboriginal lifeways were altered drastically following the Wasco and Warm Springs tribes' move onto the reservation. Moreover, federal policies intended to press the Indian people into the mainstream of white ways compelled the tribes to relinquish numerous traditional ways to make way for sawmills, schoolhouses and other alien introductions.Thirty-eight Paiutes arrived at the reservation in 1879. They and other Paiutes had sided with the Bannock tribe in a bloody losing war against the U.S. Army, and were forced onto the Yakama Reservation and Fort Vancouver. More Paiutes would settle on the Warm Springs Reservation and become woven into the fabric of reservation life.In 1934, the U.S. A series of confederation businesses and other accomplishments began to blossom, beginning in 1942 with the Warm Springs Lumber Company.

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